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Series  Exotic

During its ongoing search for the right products, and due to the market's demand for recycled and natural materials, Millstone launched a new line of products made from coconut. This line provides the customer with a completely natural product with all that that entails, including unique tones and textures. This mosaic measures 40 by 40 and can be easily used to cover large spaces. It is mostly suitable as a decorative element and should not come in contact with water. Scissors can be used to cut the mosaic, and silicon is used to glue it in place. If you would like to bring a touch of nature into your home, this is the mosaic for you.

Turkana Coconut Mosaic by Milstone








Designed for use in:

Suited for covering
Not Suitable for floors
Not Suitable for a pool
Not Suitable for bathroom/shower
Not Space for a spa
Not Anti-slip
Suited for exterior

Series Exotic

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